5 Good Credit Cards for Students in India

5 Good Credit Cards for Students in India


Still, your Good bet is to get the good credit cards for scholars in India, If you’re an Indian students and are looking for a credit card. The special rules that allow scholars to have a credit card in the US also apply in India.

You might suppose that a student credit card is only for scholars who have a job. You might also suppose that a student credit card is only for rich scholars who don’t need to worry about their finances. But that’s not true. This composition shows that there’s a possibility for any pupil to get a credit card in India.

1. SBI Student Plus Advantage Card

Features of SBI Student Plus Advantage Card

  • 5% Value Back on Departmental and Grocery spends
  • Accelerated prices
  • Ready Cash
  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • Add- on Cards
  • Online Booking of road Tickets
  • Mileage Bill Payment Facility
  • Balance Transfer on EMI
  • Flexipay
  • Easy Money

2. ICICI Bank Student Travel Card

ICICI Bank Student Travel Card is a protection in disguise for you if you wish to study overseas. You can use this credit card to pay your operation and university freights either online or through a physical swipe. The card is veritably accessible to use since it allows you to manage your living charges and is accepted at all outlets that take a MasterCard. You can extract cash from over 1.5 million MasterCard ATMs through this card.

Features of ICICI Bank Student Travel Card

  • Convenient and safe to use
  • Attractive dealer deducation & offers in India and 130 countries and 1,20,000 merchant locations
  • Preferential Forex rates
  • Largely satisfying
  • Alliance offers from ICICI Bank
  • Allows online account operation features similar as Yearlye-statement
  • Can use this card for pullout of cash from further than 1.5 million MasterCard ATMs
  • Class of International Student Identity Card( ISIC)

3. Best Student Credit Card for Travel Rewards: Axis Bank Insta Easy Credit Card

The Axis Bank Insta Freely Card has the highest rupee rate back of all student cards. Specifically, you’ll earn 1.2% value on domestic spend (6 points per Rs. 200 spent; 1 point = Rs. 0.40 Yatra vouchers) and 2.4% on international spend (12 points per Rs. 200). Additional benefits include the 100 points welcome gift as well as 15% dining discounts at select restaurants.

Card Details:

  • Minimum Fixed Deposit: Rs. 20,000
  • Reward Earn Rate: 6 points per Rs. 200 spent on national transactions (except fuel); 12 points per Rs. 200 spent on international transactions
  • Point Value: 1 Axis eDGE Prize Point = Rs. 0.40 Yatra Travel Vouchers
  • Perks: Axis Bank’s Dining Delights program
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Transactions Rs. 400 – 4,000; max Rs. 400 waived per month

4. Best Student Credit Card for High Spenders: Kotak Silk Inspire Credit Card

Kotak Mahindra’s Silk Inspire Card is great for scholars who like to protect for vesture, giving an excellent 5% back on similar purchases if you clear Rs.7,500 retail spend each month( maximum Rs. 500 reverse per cycle). The bulk of the card’s value comes from its point perk every 6 months( repairable for JPMiles = 450), attained on a minimum spend of Rs.1,25000 each half- time. On outside vesture, you ’ll only get below average 0.22% reverse (1 point per Rs.200 spent; 1 point = 1 JPMile = Rs. 0.45). and an Rs. 599 periodic figure( waived on Rs.125 spend per time). Last, you can only apply for this card if you live in an eligible megacity.

Card Details

  • Minimum Fixed Deposit Rs.50,000
  • Join FeeRs. 599
  • Annual FeeRs. 599( waived on periodic retail spend of Rs. 1,25000)
  • Price Earn Rate 5% back on vesture (Rs. 7,500 minimum retail spend/ billing cycle; maximumRs. 500 reverse/ cycle); 1 point/Rs. 200 all other
  • Estimated Point Estimate 1 point = 1 JPMile = Rs.0.45
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Transactions Rs. 500 – 3,000; max waived Rs. 3,500/year[/su_box][su_box title=”5″]

5. Best Student Credit Card for Cashback: BOB

The BOB Financial Prime Card is one of the good credit cards for scholars in India and to earn cashback. You ’ll get a 1 rupee value back( 4 points per Rs. 100 spent, 4 points = Rs. 1), which is great among the colorful credit cards against fixed deposits. It also has the smallest deposit quantum needed (Rs.15000), and the card has no periodic freights. Clearly put, apply for this credit card to earn hard cashback on your everyday pay out as a  student.

Card Details

  • Minimum Fixed Deposit: Rs. 15,000
  • No Fees
  • Reward Earn Rate: 4 Reward Points per Rs. 100 spent
  • Point Value: 4 Prize Points = Rs. 1
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Transactions Rs. 400 – 5,000; max Rs. 250 waived per month


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