7 Best Dating Apps in India 2022 To Seek Real Relationships

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7 Best Dating Apps in India 2022 To Seek Real Relationships

Before we begin with the top free courting apps in India for 2022, let me tell you that, the list will also include the author of each courting app, time of launch, what languages each app supports, and good features of each app, so that you can fluently pick the best one.

1. Tinder

Company Name Tinder Inc.
Founder Whitney Wolfe Herd
Year of Launch in India: 2016
Languages Support (Indian)
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • English
Downloads on Android 100M+
Avg. Daily Downloads (Feb 2022) 15,500+

This app clearly needs no preface. It would n’t be wrong to mention that it’s present on every alternate existent’s phone in India.

Where it came popular owing to its stoner-friendly interface with a swipe, select option and the influence to find people grounded on their position. Its tagline enough much defines it well ‘ Match. converse. Date ’.

2. Hinge

Company Name Hinge, Inc.
Founder Justin McLeod
Year of Launch 2012
Language Support English
Downloads on Android 100M+

Its idea was to give a neck to neck contention to Tinder. What had set this app piecemeal was its unique USP of meeting people through musketeers.

This was believed to be the core strength to produce further translucency, viability and responsibility.

Also, the unique stoner’s tagline/ caption, interests, filmland and likes make a ground in chancing common interests.

3. OkCupid

Company Name: OkCupid
  • Chris Coyne
  • Christian Rudder
  • Sam Yagan
  • Max Krohn
Year of Launch: 2004
Downloads on Google Play (Android) 10M+

Then, the matches are grounded on a calculated algorithm composed of a series of dissimilar questions. These questions are query from your match.

For eg Whether two people in love should get wedded( to this, unexpectedly a maturity of people showed their view that they do n’t suppose marriage is necessary for being in love).

4. Happn

Company Name: Happn
Founder: Didier Rappaport
Year of Launch: 2014
Languages Support (in India)
  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • English
Downloads on Google Play (Android) 100M+
Avg. Daily Downloads (Feb 2022) 8000+

This app was fabricated with a beautiful conception of crossing paths with people in real life. Well, interestingly that person could also be your once crush whom you might get a chance to strike a discussion with.

The good part is that it possesses a veritably rigid algorithm that makes it one of the safest online courting platforms in India.

5. aunt

Company Name: Tantan Hong Kong Limited
Founder: Yu Wang
Year of Launch: 2014
Daily Matches: 10 Million
Daily Active Users: 10 Million
Languages Support:
  • English
Downloads on Google Play (Android) 50M+

The good part of this app is that it utilizes the same swipe system as Tinder relish or bypassing recommended matching biographies.

Additionally, users can share videos and updates.

6. QuackQuack

Company Name: QuackQuack
Founder: Ravi Mittal
Year of Launch: 2010
Registered Users 16 Million+
Languages Support:
  • English
Downloads on Google Play (Android) 5M +
Avg. Daily Downloads (Feb 2022) 16,000+

This app gives limited access in its free interpretation and one needs to have a paid class to have elaborate access.

Though there are relatively numerous killed biographies that still show up on the app, that leads to lower engagement and responses.

still, one can communication the liked matches by concluding for a paid class.

7. Woo

Company Name: DoubleYou Tech Private Ltd.
  • Sumesh Menon
  • Ankit Nautiyal
Year of Launch: 2014
Downloads on Google Play (Android) 10M+

If you’re looking for educating and sophisticated people that can match your taste also this is the app for you. It gives messaging options along with label hunt, voice preface, and question/ answers point.

If sequestration is your top precedence also you wo n’t lament any bit for choosing it.

Still, one needs to conclude for a paid class to interact with the matched biographies.










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