About the good Health insurance plans in India 2022

About the good Health insurance plans in India 2022

Health insurance plans cover the ensured for several healthcare charges as per the sum ensured decided for and the decoration paid. Some best health insurance plans in the request are offered by popular insurance companies which have an emotional claim agreement rate.

Descent sick is bad adequate, but it look right on worse when medical bills follow the suffering. While you may not be suitable to avoid health issues, you can clearly cover yourself from fiscal losses as a result of them by buying a health insurance policy. In the case that you fall sick, a good health insurance plan will cover your medical charges.

Best Health Insurance Plans in India 2022

In India, there’s a types of health insurance plans offered by popular insurance companies. classify below is the list of good health insurance plans that you can buy for maximum content benefits:

Health Insurance Plans Network Hospitals Maximum Sum Insurance Entry Age Covid-19 Treatment
Star Young Star Insurance Policy 9,900+ Rs. 1 Crore 91 days to 40 years Covered
Aditya Birla Active Assure Diamond Plan 6,000+ Rs. 2 Crore 91 days and above Covered
Star Family Health Optima Plan 9,900+ Rs. 25 Lakh 16 days to 65 years Covered
HDFC ERGO Optima Restore Plan 10,000+ Rs. 50 Lakh 91 days to 65 years Covered
HDFC ERGO my: Health Suraksha Plan 10,000+ Rs. 75 Lakh 91 days and above Covered
Care Health Insurance Policy 8,250+ Rs. 6 Crore 91 days and above Covered
Care Freedom Policy 8,250+ Rs. 10 Lakh 91 days and above Covered
Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Policy 6,500+ Rs. 50 Lakh 3 months to 65 years Covered
Niva Bupa Health Recharge Policy 4,500+ Rs. 25 Lakh 3 months to 65 years Covered
Star Diabetes Safe Policy 9,900+ Rs. 10 Lakh 18 years to 65 years Covered

Types Of Health Insurance Plans In India

1. Individual Health Insurance Plans

Individual health insurance plans cover only one existent, the policy holder, who gains all the content benefits offered under them. Under an individual health insurance plan, the insurance company covers the medical charges of the ensured as per the sum ensured decided and decoration paid. Some common content benefits offered under these plans include in- case hospitalisation charges,pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation charges, daycare charges, domiciliary hospitalisation charges, organ patron charges, etc. Best suited for people with advanced health pitfalls, individual health insurance plans generally come without any limit on the maximum age for policy renewal. This means that the plan offers continuance renewability benefits to the ensured. Also, one can include their parents and immediate family members under the policy, on an individual sum ensured base.

2. Family Floater Health Insurance Plans

Unlike individual health insurance plans, a family floater health insurance plan extends content to the entire family, on a floater sum ensured base. One of the stylish advantages of family floater health insurance plans is that it allows an individual to cover him/ herself as well as their family members under a single health insurance plan, thereby making it easier for the ensured to manage. When it comes to covering your parents under a health insurance policy, a family floater health insurance policy is an affordable option as compared to a elderly citizen health insurance policy.

4. Critical Illness Insurance Plans

Critical illness plans cover the ensured for life- hanging ails that are serious and long- term in nature like heart attack, stroke, palsy, cancer, renal failure, etc. These plans give the ensured a lump sum quantum on the first opinion of the critical ails covered under the plan. The ensured can use the quantum entered not only to mileage of the required treatment in India but outside India as well. The ensured can also use the quantum to pay for debts if any, for the child’s education, or in any other way as per the demand.

5. Women-Specific Health Insurance Plans

Women-specific health insurance plans are especially designed to meet the insurance-affiliated conditions of women in different stages of their lives. For case, these plans cover women from healthcare charges at the time of withdrawal, motherliness charges, cover for invigorated baby, cover for child’s education,etc. they also cover women for specific conditions which they’re prone to, after a specific age. Indeed if a woman has an individual health insurance policy handed by her employer, it’s still recommended that she should be covered under a women-specific policy.

6. Disease-Specific Health Plans

Disease-specific health insurance plans feed to a particular complaint similar as cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, etc. It’s suitable for people looking for wide content for a particular complaint. One can choose this plan indeed if they’re formerly covered under a commercial health insurance plan or any regular health insurance plan. This is because those plans may not always offer sufficient content for specific conditions. Disease-specific health insurance plans exclude the staying period, which else you’re needed to complete if covered under a regular health insurance plan.








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