Ayurvedic E-Books in Gujarati Treasure of Ayurvedic Gujarati Book

Ayurvedic E-Books in Gujarati Treasure of Ayurvedic Gujarati Book

Ayurvedic E-Books in Gujarati Treasure of Ayurvedic Gujarati Book

Ayurveda (/ˌɑːjʊərˈveɪdə, -ˈviː-/) is an alternative medicine system with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. The theory and practice of Ayurveda are pseudoscientific. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) characterizes the practice of modern medicine by Ayurvedic practitioners as quackery. Ayurveda is heavily practiced in India and Nepal, where around 80% of the population report using it.

ફિક્સ પગાર કર્મચારી ઓ માટે વધુ એક ખુશ ખબર જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

These are Ayurvedic books and keep this page bookmarked on your mobile so that when you add new books to the collection, you will know. The latest News, occupations Updates, Technology Tips, and General Information Updates, remain with us at rkhack.com, please share with your companions this Post.

ફિક્સ પગાદાર Mphw/Fhw ને સર્વેલન્સ ભથ્થા બાબતે અગત્યના ન્યુઝ વાચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

In the following collections of the book “Easy Medicines,” you will find information about most diseases and domestic ayurvedic treatment in the first book. So they must download it.

Important Link’s

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Drug good / adverse effects Download
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Diabetes full Tip Download
eye pain treatment Download
taphalipho and eye care Download
first Aid part -1 Download
first Aid part -2 Download
heart disease Download
problems and treatment Download
Blood pressure Download
Body guard force Download
Precautions for kidney diseases and treatments Download
manasanti Download
Medicinal Plant-creation and use Download
healthy living solutions Download
Obesity, symptoms and treatment Download
bone and joint problems Download
Plague Download
Pregnant Care Download
Indigenous Treatment Part-1 Download
Indigenous Medicine Part -2 Download
Healthy Diet Download
Extraction Download
All-Inclusive Exercise Download
Health Modification Download
Information about swine flu Download




Ayurveda therapies have varied and evolved over more than two millennia. Therapies include medicines, special diets, meditation, yoga, massage, laxatives, enemas, and medical oils. Medicines are typically based on complex herbal compounds, minerals, and metal substances (perhaps under the influence of early Indian alchemy or rasa shastra). Ancient Ayurveda texts also taught surgical techniques, including uni rhinoplasty, kidney stone extractions, sutures, and the extraction of foreign objects.

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