Gitaben Rabari Latest Song “Dev Dwarika Wala”

Gitaben Rabari Latest Song “Dev Dwarika Wala”

Gitaben Rabari Latest Song “Dev Dwarika Wala”

Gitaben Rabari Latest Song “Dev Dwarika Wala”

The holy pilgrimage Dwarka legend in Gujarat has a similar history. It is said that this Dwarka city was established by Lord Krishna 200 to 2000 years ago. As mentioned in the Mahabharata, Dwarka was submerged in the sea.



Geeta Rabari is a Gujarati singer. Geeta Rabari was born in the city of Kutch. Date of Birth Born on 31-12-1992, Geeta Rabari started singing from class five. His age has become 29 years in 2021. At the age of 21, she popularized her name in ‘Gujarat’ and her name started appearing in ‘Gujarati Top Singers’, she is currently making a mark in the whole of Gujarat.


Gitaben Rabari Latest Song

The mention in the Harivansh proves that the town of Dwarka was situated on the banks of the river Gomti. Where the final shore of the ocean lies. The historical facts about the sinking of the golden city of Dwarka are of interest to archeological and marine research. GET OUR SPECIAL BONUS EPARI MATCH PLAY NOW 210,000 INR The present temple of Dwarkadhish is the fifth temple built in this series.





These temples built 1 to 5 times are parallel to the renaissance of Dwarka from three to seven. The present Dwarka village is the eighth conversion of Dwarka. Dwarkadhish’s 7 meter high seven storey world famous Jagadmandir is located at the confluence of Gomti river and Arabian sea. The interior of the temple appears to date back to the 19th century. While other parts such as the middle chamber, known as the Ladwa Mandap. In addition, the inspiring peaks are a testament to fifteenth-century sculpture.


ગીતા રબારી નું તાલ નવરાત્રી સંગ્રહ જુઓ 




There are also many other ancient temples on the banks of the river Gomti. Thousands of years ago, large boats anchored at Gomtighat. In 150, Maharaja Gaekwad built a stone wall there. Due to the obstruction of this wall, the water of Gomti Ghat stopped flowing into the sea. This is the place where the sea god Samudranarayana is located. This temple seems to be an interesting subject of research. The remnants of the red color found in this story level 1 1




Family Background of Gita Rabari

The single child of the parent has live programmes, for example, Gita, Bhajan, Folklore, Santvani, Dayra. He has only two songs, Rona Ser Ma and Eklo Rabari, both these songs have been made all over Gujarat.




Similarly a collection of Garba was completed. Members of Geeta Rabari are present in large numbers in India as well as Pakistan community.




Geeta Rabari says that my mother is the happiest in my fame. I had two brothers who died prematurely. He has sung just a few songs, Rona Ser Mamma and Eklo Rurban, both these suras are very popular all over Gujarat. What’s more, he has likewise completed a new collection of Garba. The single offspring of parents have Garba, Live Songs, for example, Geeta Bhajan, Folkgeet, Satwani, Philosopher.

Gitaben Rabari Latest Song “Dev Dwarika Wala”

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