How to Register for PAN Card Online – PAN Application  

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How to Register for PAN Card Online – PAN Application

Visage or boundless Account Number is an important document which is essential to bring out certain tasks. Given this, it’s demanded to have the card which carry a unique 10- number alphanumeric law which is issued by the Income Tax Department.

You can put in for the visage card either online or offline. Then, we take a glance at how you can mileage the card using online mode via the Protean eGov Technologies Finite (formerly NSDL) and UTIITSL website.

Step by step About How to Apply for PAN Card Application Online Easily:

Step 1: Go to the NSDL website to apply for a new visage Card online.

Step 2: Select the Type of operation you’re looking for( in this case ‘ New PAN for Indian Citizen.

Step 3: Select Your order – whether you ’re applying for individualities, a body of individualities, or association of individualities, and numerous further.

Step 4: Submit the visage Card operation form FORM 49A on the NSDL website.

Step 5: Fill In All the details needed in the form in the format specifically asked in.

Step 6: Click on the “ Grasp on with the visage working Form ” button.

Step 7: Submit your digital eKYC information on the new diverted runner.

Step 8: You now need to elect whether you need a physical dupe of your visage or not and will further need to give the last four integers of your Aadhar Number.

Step 9:  Add your details, contact details, and other pieces of information needed in the form.

Step 10: Compose sure you read all the detailed command mentioned in the form before filling in the details. Once you’re satisfied with the details you ’ve handed, submit your filled visage Card form.

Step 11: Next step involved will be making the payment for the visage Card service. The charge for applying for visage is Rs.93 (Banning Goods and Services duty) for Indian communication addresses. There’s a charge of Rs. 864( Banning Goods and Services duty) for foreign communication address. The mode of payment for the operation figure can be made through credit or disbenefit card, demand draft, or net banking.

Step 12:  Once you have filled in the payment details, submit the operation figure and move on to the coming step for document submission.

Step 13:  You’re needed to shoot all the supporting documents via courier or post to NSDL. The visage will be reused only formerly your documents have been entered by NSDL. Following is the list of documents needed.

  • evidence of Identity
  • evidence of Address
  • evidence of Date of Birth

Alankit acquiresPAN-related operations on behalf of the Income Tax Department through its country-wide chain visage centers. visage operations can also be made through Alankit’s online installation. Just visit Alankit’s website and follow the detailed form and instructions mentions explain the process to apply for visage Card online.

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