Satraant Parixa na Mark makhvana Baki hoy tevi school Ni yadi 2018

Satraant Parixa na Mark makhvana Baki hoy tevi school Ni yadi 2018.
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Satraant Parixa na Mark makhvana Baki hoy tevi school Ni yadi
General knowledge is some thing that really helps us to grow on personal as well as academic narrows our sense of perceiving the world,understands and analyzes the situations better as one would without proer knowledge opens gateway our thinking,and take it to a level from where the whole world seems to be a better is an unpredictable world and we all need to stay aware and vigilant.An individual who is well aware with current affairs and facts about the world is called an intellectual. There can be various areas identified as different domains generalknowledge,like,arts,discovery,games,politics,culture,film,medicine,education,history etc.

Satraant Parixa na Mark makhvana Baki hoy tevi school Ni yadi

Primary school First SEM Exam Online Marks Entry Baki hoy tevi School Ni yadi And Students Ni Sankhya
KNOWLEDGE IS POWERKnowledge is Power,but knowledge does not always come with power. knowledge is the state of awareness or understanding gained from experience or study Learning specific information about something.This means a person has the resourcefulness to obtain and criticize useful and informative in order to become well informed citizens who can make intelligent decisions based upon their understanding and awareness of everyday situations.Does this make them powerful ? is a question that creeps into ones mind? Well,Power is said to be the ability to perform effectively, be possible? indeed,it cannot. This proves that knowledge is very much a necessity to gain Power.

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