Some best and easiest rangoli design

Some best and easiest rangoli design

2022 has been an unusual time for all of us, just like its precursor. Although we saw the lockdown that we saw before this time, it’s a shriek of relief right now( touch wood). And Rangoli is a best way to boost the fun.

Rangoli is an Indian art form. It’s a tradition that celebrates the appearance of spring, afterlife and downtime with a beautiful array of colors and patterns. And in India, Rangoli- timber has been one of the popular pursuits. Be it for gleeful occasions or just to show off their art chops on Instagram, numerous have extended their creativity on the bottom in the form of Rangolis.

1. Rangoli Designs with Colors

There are colorful types of colors that you can use to make a rangoli. There are chalks, there are natural colors like turmeric and vermilion, and there are special rangoli maquillages that you get fluently near your house. Each has its own place.

still, also rangoli maquillages are your stylish option, If you ’re using stencils. But indeed if you ’re not, don’t wince down from using them. Rangoli maquillages, especially the coarse bones
, really bring out your design, and make it bold and various.

2. Rangoli Designs with Flowers

While the conception of flower rangolis seems fairly new, it actually stems from an age-old tradition in Kerala. During the jubilee of Onam, people come together and make ‘ Pookalam ’. The word comes from unite two words- ‘ poov ’ meaning flower; and ‘ kalam ’ meaning art. People exactly arrange flowers on the ground, making it a rangoli that not only pleases the eye, but also the nose.

3. Rangoli Designs with Diyas

Who does n’t like the majesty of a jubilee? Add diyas to your rangoli and let the honey shine bright. Pick these easy to make rearmost rangoli designs with diyas and tea- lights. You can also organize a diya oil competition or a diya decoration competition for the kiddies and other family members and add some fun to the exertion. A little game can help you make recollections for a continuance.

4. Peacock Rangoli

This season is each about Peacock Rangolis. Traditionally, peacock rangolis use a burst of cool- toned colors like blue, green, and grandiloquent. But you can also go opposed to the norm and use yellows and oranges to give it a new twist.

5. Kolam or Dot Rangoli

fleck Rangoli or Kolam has special significance in the southern corridor of India. Also known as Muggulu, these rangolis are drawn during the jubilee of Sankranthi or Pongal. The blotches are meant to inseminate a sense of harmony and connectivity. It’s a tradition to draw a new Kolam on each of the 7 days of Pongal.

6. Border Rangoli

Got your rangoli appear, but not sure about room borders? We ’ve got you covered. Then are some of the meet and easiest rangolis to draw on borders.

7. Free-Hand Rangoli

Free- hand rangoli isn’t just satisfying to watch, but also super satisfying to make. Then are some ideas that you can use while trying free- hand on your rangoli.









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