Some of the Best Android Dictation Apps for Easy Speech-to-Text

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Some of the Best Android Dictation Apps for Easy Speech-to-Text

Then are the Best speech- to- textbook apps for Android that make dictation easy and ameliorate note- taking with your voice.

Whether you want to mandate notes while you are on the go, share verbal notes with musketeers and associates, or record a communication for far-off family members, the Google Play Store has a voice- to- textbook app that will meet your requirements.

Want to learn further? Then are the stylish speech- to- textbook and dictation apps for Android.



The best point of Speechnotes is arguably its punctuation keyboard. Lots of people find it awkward to mandate punctuation marks( for illustration, you generally have to say” Hi mute comma please pick up the kiddies”).

The punctuation keyboard adds on- screen buttons for the most generally used marks, therefore allowing you to mandate briskly and more naturally. It also offers emojis and symbols. Other useful features include Bluetooth support, a home screen contrivance for instant dictation, and offline note- taking. The app also offers nonstop recording. Unlike lots of other dictation apps, that means you can take long pauses between rulings while you gather your studies and the app will keep harkening.

Voice Notes

Speechnotes is geared towards lengthy directions, similar as lectures or essays. Voice Notes takes the contrary approach— it specializes in taking quick notes on- the- cover.

The app provide two main method of recording your notes. You can moreover use the speech- to- textbook point to see a transcribed interpretation of your notes on the screen, or you can save the audio train and hear to it latterly.
Also, Voice Notes has a memorial point. This lets you set a time for the punch, along with the type of alert you want to admit. You can indeed produce recreating monuments.


SpeechTexter is a speech- to- textbook Android app that works both online and offline. The app uses Google’s database, so if you want to use the offline mode, you will need to download the necessary language packs.
You can do so by caption to Settings> System> Languages and input> in effect keyboard. formerly there, valve on Google voice typing and elect Offline speech recognition. To choose the languages to download, tap the All tab and elect the language you want.

In addition to introductory dictation and speech- to- textbook, you can use SpeechTexter to produce SMS dispatches, emails, and tweets. The app also boasts a custom wordbook; adding particular information similar as phone figures and addresses is easy.

Voice Notebook

Voice Tablet is a full- featured speech- to- textbook app for Android. Its crucial features include a customizable list of bus- replaced words and punctuation, a voice- actuated undo command, and the capability to import textbook lines from train directors and Google Drive. The app also offers on- screen word and character counters for all your voice notes and directions.

In- app purchases will unleash access to a power- saving mode, an always- onnon-stop dictation option, and Bluetooth support for transferring lines.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant deserves a citation in this order. analogous to Voice Text, it’s not a pure productivity app like the first three on the list; it fulfills a different niche.

The virtual adjunct has numerous features you will find useful, including position- grounded monuments, the capability to control your smart home bias, and a podcast player. We are more interested in the talk- to- textbook point.

You can use Google Assistant to make verbal monuments, produce lists with your voice, and indeed manage your journal. The Assistant also lets you use speech- to- textbook to add events to your timetable.

To take the app’s voice- grounded capabilities to the coming position, you should pair it IFTTT. There are lots of great IFTTT fashions for Google Assistant to get started with.


You might not incontinently suppose of Microsoft’s note- taking app as a dictation tool, but it’s great for people who want to keep verbal notes and are not interested in the speech- to- textbook side.

OneNote indeed comes with a special microphone contrivance that you can add to your home screen. To use the dictation contrivance, long- press any empty space on your home screen and go to contraptions> OneNote> OneNote Audio Note.

Of course, Evernote offers analogous functionality. still, sincemid-2016, numerous of Evernote’s stylish features bear a subscription. OneNote is free for all druggies.











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