6 Best App Locks For Android To Safe Your Device In 2022

6 Best App Locks For Android To Safe Your Device In 2022

Smartphones currently contain a lot of sensitive data. Our banking apps, note- returns apps, gallery apps,etc. need to be secured from prying eyes. Also, when we hand over a device to a sprat, we might want to help them from penetrating apps on our phone. To overcome any sequestration issues, it’s important to elect the stylish app cinch apps for Android.

8 Best App Locks For Android (2022)

1. Norton App Lock


Norton is a big name in the field of antivirus software merchandisers. still, the company also offers an announcement-free Android app locker. You can lock up your apps by a Leg/ pattern or a point scanner. piecemeal from securing your operations, it also allows you to guard prints, help uninstallation of the apps, and prisoner filmland of interferers.

Norton App Cinch provides a recommendation list where it suggests the apps that you should lock up. It’s bloated with a lot of features. But, it can still be an applicable choice and does its job nicely well.

2. AppLock (by DoMobile Lab)

AppLock is a popular Android cinch app that’s preferred by a lot of druggies. You can use it to word cover any specific app on your phone and help unauthorized access. It allows you to hide prints and vids from the gallery and store them in a private vault.

After you install this Android cinch app, you’ll need to produce a master pattern cinch and use it every time you pierce the operation. You can indeed hide the app icon from the app hole so that interferers ca n’t pierce it fluently. also, you can set different biographies to lock different apps, add a fake cover to locked apps, enable point recognition, etc.

3. Privacy Knight – Privacy Applock, Vault, conceal apps

Sequestration Knight is of one the stylish app cinch for Android that covers some excellent features to secure your apps. It is announcement-free and doesn’t contain any in- app purchases. The app gives you different good to lock your apps.

You can use a PIN/pattern, fingerprint scanner, face trace, or a Disguise cover, such as to blow, agitate, or use a crash message to unlock. You can secrete confidential photos and videos, prevent uninstallation of the apps, hide notification previews from apps, etc.

4. AppLock with Fingerprint

AppLock – point is a decent Android cinch app that has a stoner-friendly interface. You can secure your apps by using a Leg, pattern, or point scanner. There are options for screen and gyration cinch where you can add apps for locking their screen backlight and screen gyration.

You can produce different watchwords for each locked app and also add a fake icon on locked apps. It can also snap a picture of anyone who tries to unleash your apps and shoot it to your dispatch address.

5. Samsung Secure Folder

Samsung’s One UI operating system offers a erected- in tool called the Secure Folder. It functions an app cinch and can also hide your particular lines and media. The Secure Folder utlity comespre-installed on utmost ultramodern bias running One UI 3 and over.

You can use it lock out apps if you ’re using a Samsung device. It’s a secure and effective tool for all Samsung druggies.

6. Vault

With 50 million druggies, Vault is one of the top Android app cinches on our list. Vault provides many features. It prevents unauthorized access to apps and allows druggies to make specific vids and prints private. It supports point, pattern, leg canons and has an option to set up the recovery dispatch. The app lets you produce a fake vault. It also keep up the “ Stealth ” mode. You wo n’t find Vault’s icon on the home screen when this mode is on.

Vault can lock recently installed apps. It has a “ Break- in Alert ” point which makes the phone take a picture of the stoner that has entered an incorrect passcode or pattern. It provides two word pad themes and can temporarily or permanently disable the Break- in cautions and Stealth mode point. Vault vessels with a private cybersurfer mileage. Its size is 12.6 megabytes.




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