Deposit To 250 Rupees A Month, The Government Will Give 60,000 Annually To The Lifetime

Deposit To 250 Rupees A Month, The Government Will Give 60,000 Annually To The Lifetime

Deposit to 250 rupees a month, the government will give 60,000 annually to the lifetime.

NEW DELHI: Everybody wishes to save a little bit of his earnings, so that money can come in a big way. However, not everyone is able to make good savings in the high cost and low income circulation. But if you start saving not more than 250 rupees a month, then the government will give you 60,000 rupees till you die every year. Yes thiss true. They can also join jobs. Apart from this, the businessman can also join.

How To Make A Investment
To join this scheme of government, you have to plan 20-year investment. If you are 18, you will have to invest in it for 42 years. If you start at the age of 40, you will have to invest up to 60 years.

How to get 60,000 rupees per month
 You can take advantage of the government’s non-pension scheme. The biggest benefit of this scheme is that if you die during this period, then the husband or wife can get 8.5 lakh rupees at a time. If both of them are due from day one, the amount will be paid to any other nominee. According to the information given on, if the investor has lost his or her death under the scheme, he can avail the benefits of the scheme by keeping the contribution of his husband or wife.

Benefits of Pension
This scheme of government has many options, in which you have the benefit of 12 thousand, 24 thousand, 36 thousand, 48 thousand annual pension, there is a separate limit for investment. For every pension of Rs 2000 per month, it is necessary to deposit Rs 84 to 530 per month according to their age. That means that those who are 18 years old will have 84 rupees and 40 years old people will have to deposit Rs 530 per month. On Death, the nominee will get 3.4 lakh rupees once. You can learn more about this scheme from any bank. Just have a savings account and a support card.
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