Invest In This Scheme Of Post Every Month Will Get A Guaranteed Return Of Rs. 5500

Invest In This Scheme Of Post Every Month Will Get A Guaranteed Return Of Rs. 5500

nvest in this scheme of post, every month will get a guaranteed return of Rs. 5500

1.Wh does not want an extra income every month.
New Delhi: In today’s world, everyone is looking for a source of some regular income besides jobs and business. Such small-to-large income helps to maintain your home budget. If you are looking for a source of regular monthly income or extra income, this post office scheme can help.

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2.The post office can give this scheme an additional income of Rs. 5500
To take advantage of this scheme you will first have to open an account in the post office under this scheme. Under which the monthly income is guaranteed up to Rs. 5500. The other big thing is that in this account you can open an account with minimum 1500 rupees.

3.Government security with guaranteed return against investment
This scheme is a great opportunity for those who have different rupees. Instead of putting them in Risk Investments or Bank Savings Account, you can get a fixed income every month, deposited in this scheme of post office. In addition to the maturity date of this plan giving income to each month, you get all the money you have deposited in the account. If a person wants, then every five years can renew this plan.

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4.What is this scheme?
Post Office Monthly Investment Scheme, ie POMIS (Post Office Monthly Investment Plan) which offers you monthly fixed income. This is a government scheme wherein fixed income is earned every month after investing.

5.How much can invest.
If your account is single, then you get Rs. Can deposit upto 4.5 lakhs. People with a joint account can deposit up to Rs 9 lakh in it. At least Rs. 1500 can be deposited in this account. The maturity period of the account is 5 years. After 5 years you can stop your investment in the plan again.

6.This will be monthly income.
Under the monthly investment plan, the interest is paid 7.3 percent per annum. This annual interest is given as a monthly income divided into 12 months. So if you have deposited Rs 9 lakh for opening a joint account, your annual interest will be around Rs.67,700. Those who take part in 12 months will earn approximately Rs. 5500 per month. Which you will find every month. After the maturity period, you will get your R 9 lakhs return by adding bonus bonus.
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7.If you withdraw money before maturity?
If a need comes and you have to withdraw the full amount before maturity, then this facility is available to your account after completion of 1 year. In the account of the account opening date, you will be given a 2% amount in the account, and the remaining amount will be refunded to you in the account of 1 to 3 years old.

8.W can open
In this post office, any one can open an account. You can also open an account with your child’s name. If a child is under 10 years old then he can open his parents or guardian account on his name. At the age of 10, the child can also get the right to administer the unit.

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9.H to open the account
You can open an account by going to any post office on your own convenience. For which, one has to deposit Zerox and Address Proof of Aadhar Card, Water ID, PAN Card, Ration Card, Driving License. Apart from this, you have to submit two passport size photographs.

10.No tax benefit of tax deduction
However, the amount deposited in this account and the compensation received on it does not have any tax relief. If you are looking at a scheme for tax savings, then you should ask for another tax savings account in the post.

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